Automatic Bottle Opener

Our automatic bottle opener is amazing!  Perfect for the 4th of July or any party! Simply push down on the automatic bottle opener and cap insantly pops off. Bottle opener even comes with a magnet so the bottle cap stays on the opener!  Check out our demo video here!

We carry a huge selection of many different types of bottle openers to choose from. We have NFL bottle openers, MLB bottle openers, NCAA college bottle openers and more.

Check out our automatic bottle openers which are perfect for elderly or bartenders who need to open beer bottles instantly. One quick tap on the top of the bottle, and the bottle cap is removed instantly. The bottle opener also comes with a magnet, so your bottle cap stays stuck to the opener without dropping to the floor. Click here to see our Automatic Bottle Opener and also see our video demonstration of how easy it works. On sale this week for only $9.95. Ships same day ordered with delivery tracking.

We also have very unique talking and musical bottle openers. When the bottle cap touches the bottle opener, it automatically plays a sound clip!  Makes a perfect gift for family and friends.

For the sports fans in your family, we carry NFL wall bottle openers, which attach to your wall, deck or bar.  The heavy duty sports bottle openers feature the official logo for each sports team.  For the female sports fans, we have a high heel shoe bottle opener which is both decorative and functional.  In the bottom of the high heel shoe is a metal bottle opener, making it a great party accessory on game day. A unique way to show off your passion for your favorite sports team!